A short introduction to using eoMapper

Using eoMapper

Making analyses for farm management with eoMapper is easy. Define the field boundary, give it a name and start the analysis. The field boundaries will be saved for the next time, making the use time efficient and easy.

Draw field boundary

Starting an analysis

When starting a process the latest satellite imagery is retrieved and processed. Our cloud filtering makes sure that only the best images are used for analysis. We focus on your field and your data.

Start analysis

Distribute fertilizer

A vegetation index is calculated for every pixel, revealing the distribution of chlorophyll in the crop. The index is shown with a brown to green legend displaying bare land to lush vegetation. Use your local knowledge and decide which amount of Nitrogen that should be used per hectare dependent on the greenness of the vegetation. Thumb of rule is to add more fertilizer to the areas with weak vegetation and less to the areas with strong. Cropless areas shuold either be reseeded or have no fertilizer added.

Distribute fertilizer


The analysis is done. Press Order to download a control file to use with your farming equipment.

Distribute fertilizer