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eoMapper is a global service that increase farm profitability and give easy access to powerful satellite analyses.

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Funded by ESA and the Swedish National Space Board.

This is eoMapper

Knowledge about your crop increase profitability. Satellite data is a cost effective way to assess the status of yor fields. eoMapper sorts out the latest satellite imagery for your fields and provides analyses designed to increase the yield and quality of the crops on your fields. eoMapper is funded by the European Space Agency (ESA), through the ESA business incubator programme and by the Swedish National Space Board.

eoMapper gives insigtht of field development for free. Downloads of prescription files starts at $1 per download.

Vegetation indeces from up to every second day and field mananagement are free. The pricing is based on data download, $1 per download plus ยข10 per hectare.

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